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This FIFAe World Cup betting guide covers everything eSports betting enthusiasts need to know about this eSports tournament, why it's popular, and, importantly, betting on FIFAe World Cup tournaments. The FIFAe World Cup is an eSports tournament for the soccer simulation video game FIFA. The tournament was first held in 2004 when it was known as FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) before it was rebranded to FIFA eWorld Cup (FeWC) in 2018.

Later on, in 2020, the tournament got its current name, FIFAe World Cup, to complement FIFA's launch of its FIFAe eSports tournament series.

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Everything you need to know about the FIFAe World Cup

The FIFAe World Cup, as the name suggests, is hosted partly by FIFA. This is in conjunction with the game's publisher Electronic Arts (EA). The tournament attracts top talent from around the world.

Interestingly, the FIFAe World Cup championships hold the record for the largest online eSports tournament considering millions of players participate in the initial online qualification stages. For example, the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC17) attracted at least 7 million players.

To play in the FIFAe World Cup league, players must compete in the FUT Divisions Rivals before battling it out in FIFAe World Cup online tournaments across 10 regions. The aim is to make it to the playoffs and qualify for the FIFAe World Cup.

All about Soccer

FIFAe World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in the soccer simulation sports video game, FIFA. The franchise has dominated the charts now that soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Statistics show there are over 4 billion soccer followers and 250 million active players in over 200 countries.

The game's top global tournament is the FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. Besides the World Cup, there are dozens of top-flight soccer leagues, for example, the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1, just to mention a few. Much of the action is in the European leagues, but there is also plenty of talent in South America and Africa.

Today, soccer is the most popular sport in terms of the following and even revenues. It attracts huge investments and gets sponsorships from the world's top brands. This sport also has some of the most valuable sports teams and the wealthiest athletes.

FIFAe World Cup Betting Markets

One great thing about FIFAe World Cup betting markets and odds is that they are the same as those in traditional soccer betting.

Regarding the betting options, eSports punters can wager on all the betting markets in typical soccer betting. Players can bet on the matchwinner, the most popular market where the bettor needs to predict how the game will end in the first half, second half, or after the final whistle is blown. There are also totals where players can bet on the total number of goals, corner kicks, cards, and so on.

Other markets include over/under, Asian handicap, both teams to score/not score, double chance, draw-no-bet, tournament winner, and ACCA betting. FIFAe World Cup also has in-play betting where punters can wager on ongoing matches.

Understanding FIFAe World Cup betting Odds

When it comes to betting odds, they also work just the same way as in traditional soccer betting. There are three odds formats; decimal (European) odds, fractional (British) odds, and Moneyline (American) odds. For the record, the betting odds vary from one bookmaker to another, so make sure to find out which FIFA online eSport betting sites have the highest odds.

FIFAe World Cup Winning Teams and Biggest Moments

The FIFAe World Cup, since its inaugural tournament in 2004, has offered fans plenty of remarkable action. In this segment, we have listed the most dominant teams and players in the tournament and some of the memorable moments in FIFAe World Cup leagues.

Most Dominant Players and Teams

Alfonso Ramos is one of the most successful pro players in the FIFAe World Cup competition. The current coach for Spain won the 2008 and 2012 FIFA World Champion titles. Bruce Grannec has also won the championship twice, in 2009 and 2013. Other top players who have dominated this tournament include Mohammed Harkous (MoAuba), Mosaad Al Dossary (MsDossary), and Spencer Ealing (Gorilla).

However, for bettors, the focus shouldn't be on the most successful players but on the top players in the game at the time of betting. The teams to watch right now are Complexity Gaming, Mkers Team Ronaldinho, Fnatic, Ellevens, 25eSports, and FC Schalke 04.

Most Memorable Esports Moments

There have also been fantastic moments throughout the history of this competition. The most memorable moment is, of course, the inaugural event in 2004.

2019 FIFA eWorld Cup

The last tournament, the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup, is among the biggest FIFAe World Cup tournaments. It was action-packed from the early stages and was won by an unlikely hero, Mohammed Harkous (MoAuba) of Werder eSPORTS. To the surprise of many, he walked away with the championship in a tough tournament that featured the big names, including Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, who is considered the best player in FIFA.

2012 FIFA eWorld Cup

The 2012 tournament, one of the major FIFAe World Cup tournaments, was also spectacular. After a tough duel in the finals, the match ended in a shootout with Alfonso
Ramos edging Bruce Grannec 4-3. This remains the only final game that has ended in a shootout. As the game's slogan goes, there can only be one champion.

2016 FIFA eWorld Cup

The 2016 FIFA eWorld Cup was another adrenaline-filled tournament and ranks among the best FIFAe World Cup tournaments. In the finals that pitted Mohamad Al-Bacha (Bacha), and Sean Allen (Dragonn), Al-Bach won on away goals which is another unusual event. In the first match, the result ended 2-2 while in the last match, it was again a draw but this time, 3-3.

For the record, the 2020 and 2021 FIFAe World Cup were on the list of esports tournaments canceled due to the pandemic, so there was no action.

Where and How to Bet on FIFAe World Cup?

There are many fans of FIFA betting, just like there are many fans of traditional soccer betting. Unlike in the past, today, many videogame betting sites with FIFA betting markets exist. They offer markets on all FIFA tournaments, including FIFAe World Cup. What's important is finding the best eSports bookie.

Such a site should have a valid license, plenty of betting markets, high odds, and lucrative eSports betting bonuses. A must-have feature is also live streaming. The best eGaming betting site should broadcast the action right from their website to facilitate live betting.

FIFAe World Cup Betting Tips and Tricks

Now, onto some helpful tips to get players started. First, never trust the team a player uses; trust the eSports player's ability. Just because Real Madrid or Manchester City are dominant in real life doesn't mean they will also be dominant in eSports.

In FIFA, focus on the player's ability and not the team. It's also important to check the players' current form to make informed betting choices. Lastly, trust the odds. The rule of thumb is that the higher the odds, the lower the chances of winning, and vice versa!

That's it, folks, a detailed roundup of what punters need to know about betting on FIFAe World Cup, the biggest FIFA tournament.

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