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Esport leagues of tournaments have become so popular nowadays. That’s why the list of esports tournaments today is long. But right at the top is these eSport championships is the League of Legends World Championship. Hosted by Riot Games, the League of Legends World Championship, simply known as the Worlds, is a yearly professional tournament that brings together the best League of Legends (LoL) teams to compete for the title at the end of each season.

It is a tournament that determines the best League of Legends champion in the world during a particular year. In this championship, teams fight for the Summoner's Cup, a 70-pound (32-kilogram) trophy (the ultimate achievement), and a multimillion-dollar prize pool. In terms of viewership, this tournament commands a huge audience, with the 2018 edition having attracted about 99.6 million viewers.

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What is League of Legends Championship?

The first LoL Worlds took place at DreamHack, Sweden, with Team Fnatic crowned the tournament's first-ever champions. Since its inauguration, six different teams have won the championship, with SKT T1 being the only team to lift the title three times (as of 2022).

Since its inception in 2011, the event has witnessed a series of transformations. As it expands in size, the prize pool, host cities, participants, and regulations are adjusted and changed. Riot Games has even produced an official event music piece to accompany the Worlds event since 2014.

LoL World Championship comprises three competitive stages, including Play-Ins, Group Stages, and Knockouts. While the Play-In and Group stages are played in a round-robin format, the Knockout stage is played in a single-elimination format, which features the best-of-five series.

How big is the LoL World Championship?

First of all, the championship brings together the creme de la creme of LoL teams to lock horns. With a multi-million-dollar prize pool to be won, no one can dare imagine that the tournament is small; it is a big one.

Add to this the hundreds of millions who tune in to watch the tournament matches live, and you have one of the biggest esports tournaments under the sun. Plus, millions of people see the championship as an opportunity to place bets and win money. Yes, that's how huge and important the World Championship is.

The Trophy

As mentioned above, lifting the Summoner's Cup (the tournament's cup) is the dream of every participant. The cup was commissioned by the tournament owners, Riot Games. While Riot Games specified a weight of 70 pounds, the final product (cup) weighs less to ensure it is easy to lift.

About League of Legends

League of Legends, abbreviated as LoL, is a MOBA computer game developed in 2009. It can be downloaded for free from the game's website. Almost everyone can download and play the game, thanks to its minimum system requirements.

How to play League of Legends

A LoL match comprises two teams of five players each. The teams are blue and red, and they compete on the Summoner's Rift map. Much of the action takes place in the bases and in the three lanes known as 'bottom, mid, and top.' Jungle refers to any area of the map that is not occupied by lanes or bases, and 'junglers' rely on this area to slay neutral monsters for gold and XP.

Players can improve their champions (characters) by earning gold, which is spent on resources that will allow them to cast more powerful spells and do more harm to opponents. Winning XP, on the other hand, helps players in leveling up. Each team can summon an army of minions to assist them in destroying the opponent base.

How to win a League of Legends match?

The first team to destroy the Nexus wins the match. Nexus is a structure located at the back of each side's base. One thing to note is that destroying the Nexus is not a walk in the park. The Nexus remains intact as long as all three of its Inhibitors, or at least one of the base's Turrets, remain standing.

Turrets are important in a LoL match because they help damage the opponents while also allowing a team to have proper control of the battlefield. To break down the turrets, teams frequently use minions, whose source is the Nexus.

The League of Legends World Championship's winning teams and biggest moments

Fnatic (Season 1)

During Season One, the LoL World Championship was still budding, and it lacked meaningful infrastructure in place. Consequently, Riot Games chose DreamHack Summer, Sweden, as the event venue. In this event, a total of eight teams participated- three teams from Europe, three teams from North America, one from the Philippines, and one from Singapore.

Fnatic, a Swedish team, got the better of its opponents, defeating Counter Logic Gaming 2-1 before sweeping Epik Gamer. Fnatic faced Against All Authority in the Grand Finals, making the Season One Finals an all-European affair. They would take home $50,000.

Taipei Assassins (Season 2)

The event was held in Los Angeles, California, and it has a $2,000,000 prize pool that was forty times the maiden prize pool. Following the completion of the Group Stage, TPA was pitted against the Korean NaJin Sword team.

Surprisingly, this Taiwanese team swept NaJin easily, advancing to the Grand Finals after a high-octane 2-1 victory over Europe's then top-ranked Moscow Five. Taipei were pitted against Azubu Frost, Korea's top seed, who they effectively shut down. They won the contest 3-1, bringing the first-ever World Championship crown to Taiwan.

SK Telecom T1 (Season 3)

Season three was the first time in Worlds history that a series went all five games. SKT would eventually defeat NaJin to advance to the Grand Finals. However, the match versus Royal Club was a letdown, as SKT thrashed them 3-0 to win Korea's first championship. This victory marked the beginning of Korea's dominance in the championship.

Samsung White (Season 4)

The duel between Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club ended in a 3-0 thrashing. In this match, the loser managed to win only one game. It was the first championship win for Samsung White and Korea's second in a row. Royal Club, currently known as Royal Never Give Up, is the only team to have finished as runners-up in the tournament on multiple occasions.

SK Telecom T1 (Season 5)

SKT faced the KOO Tigers in the Grand Finals of 2015. This was the first of three consecutive all-Korean Worlds finals. SKT's perfect Worlds run was ruined by the KOO Tigers, who managed to win one game, but that was the best the latter could do. SKT would go on to win 3-1, becoming the first-ever team to win the tournament more than once.

Other LoL World Championship winners

  • SK Telecom T1 (Season 6)
  • Samsung Galaxy (Season 7)
  • Invictus Gaming (Season 8)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (Season 9)
  • DAMWON Gaming (Season 10)

Where and how to bet on the League of Legends World Championship?

Despite the existence of other profitable and major esport tournaments, the LoL World Championship remains one of the best esports tournaments for bettors. Every League of Legends Worlds event is a global sensation that triggers a betting spree.

How to bet on the League of Legends World Championship

There are online esport betting sites; hence, you need to make the right choice when it comes to betting on esport tournaments. This may appear to be the simplest step, but it may not be the case. Of course, your online betting experience will be in danger if you get it wrong at this stage. If you're not sure where to start, simply do a Google search of the best esports betting sites.

After you've decided on a bookie, complete the registration process, which usually involves filling out an online form. Ensure you provide valid information because you may be subjected to additional verification later. Some bookies may demand that you upload a government-issued identification right away, while others will wait until your first withdrawal request.

After registration, make a deposit using your favorite payment method. Once you do that, it will now be time to put your money to work. Choose a match, betting market, stake, and confirm your bet.

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