Paysafe Card Casinos - Safe Deposit

Founded in 2000 by four Austrians, the payment platform now provides financial services to customers in more than 40 countries, including most of Europe and North America. By 2015, the paysafecard brand joined Optimal Payments, a multinational digital payment company, which rebranded itself Paysafe Group. In Europe, no external banking partner is required, because the payment provider's subsidiary is licensed to perform financial transactions.

However, in North America, Bancorp Bank serves as a partner to meet regulatory requirements. Paysafecard customers may purchase a 16-digit PIN or pre-paid MasterCard to use for web-based purchases. Users may also register for an online account to use paysafecard for regular digital payments, which is why the payment provider is popular with online bettors.

Paysafe Card Casinos - Safe Deposit
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10 Bookmakers with Paysafe Card

Paysafe Card provides prepaid online payment services to customers with a 16-digit PIN voucher. Customers use the code at sales outlets and digital platforms online by entering the code at the point of sale. The brand's growing popularity has fueled expansion to major gambling establishments across the globe, including:

  • Arcanebet
  • 22Bet
  • 888sport
  • Unibet
  • GG.BET
  • Bet365
  • Betway Esports
  • BookMaker

Paysafe Card popularity

Security is king in seeking a deposit method for esports betting, which is one reason the paysafecard continues to grow in popularity. For gamers, the convenient and private transactions offer a quick way to deposit funds in esports betting accounts. Security and privacy are the main reasons top betting sites give esports gamblers the option of placing wagers with paysafecard.

Using Paysafe Card

For bettors, depositing funds into a casino account with paysafecard is simple. Users enter the 16-digit pin as the payment method at the website's checkout to deposit funds into an online account. However, the largest amount a gambler may deposit with paysafecard is limited to 250 euros per month for standard account holders.

A player simply navigates to the online casino home page. Click the button for deposits. Choose paysafecard as the deposit method. Enter the amount of the deposit and the code. A player may enter multiple codes to achieve the funding limit.

Fortunately, paysafecard vouchers are independent of bank accounts, offering customers a convenient way to deposit casino funds without giving online betting establishments access to personal, private banking information. Paysafecard helps customers to remain anonymous to merchants.

Any fraudulent losses are limited to the voucher denomination. However, voucher holders must verify identity when loading funds onto paysafecard vouchers, and licensed betting establishments are required by law to complete identity verification before allowing customers to withdraw funds.

Withdrawal process

Withdrawing funds to the Paysafe Card account is a seamless process. The payment platform allows casinos and betting establishments to send money to customer accounts via paysafecard. Users must have a paysafecard account to withdraw funds to the card from gambling websites. Customers navigate to the betting platform's withdrawal page.

Choose paysafecard as the withdrawal method. Enter the email the customer has registered with paysafecard. When the website completes the withdrawal process, the requested funds are credited to the customer's paysafecard balance within 24 hours.

Paysafecard has withdrawal limits for users, a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $2000. Now called Paysafe Group, the company endeavors to provide users with quick, simple, and safe transactions. In addition, the mobile-friendly application allows users to quickly deposit and withdraw funds from casino and online betting accounts.

Pros and Cons of Paysafe Card


Paysafecard vouchers are easy to purchase. European residents and visitors can find the convenient codes at mobile phone retailers and stores that sale other vouchers.

There are no fees to deposit funds in the same currency that the user loaded onto the voucher.

Wagering limits help gamblers to stay within a pre-determined monthly budget, promoting responsible betting.

Both the deposit and withdrawal processes are simple and quick.

For bettors, Paysafe Card has a number of beneficial functions. Offering a range of options for loading legal tender, the card caters to those users who want to experience a simple, fast transaction.

Easy to use

Users do not need a bank account or credit card to register. Any esports bettor with money may buy a PaySafe Card to deposit money orders, checks, cash, and gift cards. By loading a card, the bettor may wager with the payment method by using a 16-digit PIN to deposit funds online at popular esports betting sites.

Secure transactions

Paysafe Card uses cutting edge technology to keep financial and personal information secure. Like most digital wallets platforms, the company prioritizes privacy for its payment method. It's a service many online gamblers are choosing. By comparing services and reviews with other financial services providers, esports bettors may discover that payment method offers competitive services for making deposits in website accounts.


Available for purchase at more than 650,000 stores, the card is easy to find in local supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores. For daily internet users, convenience is key to a seamless deposit method while gambling.


  • You have to buy the 16-digit voucher before depositing funds to play casino games or bet online.
  • Paysafe is not available in every country.

Why use Paysafe Card?

Numerous casino and esports platforms across the globe accept paysafe card from users to deposit funds. Players have the option of using the paysafe card Mastercard with a smartwatch app to make the buying and depositing process even easier. For bettors, the financial provider offers a quick and safe way to disperse funds. After sign-up, the financial provider offers users comprehensive security and competitive fees.

Paysafecard requires users who are 18 or older to locate a land-based store to purchase the voucher. The company's website provides location information for participating retailers on its website. Simply enter zip code information to access addresses for local retailers, which sell paysafecard vouchers. No bank account or credit card is required to purchase a voucher. Instead, customers choose a nearby retailer, go to the outlet, and purchase the voucher with the 16-digit PIN.

Conveniently located at local grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail outlets, paysafecard purchases allow users to take care of multiple errands with one trip. To load the card, users must verify identity with a government issued identification or proof of residence. After verification, the cashier gives the buyer the voucher, which customers may use at online casino and gaming sites.

Customer service

Paysafe Card customers may access customer service in three ways. On the payment provider's website, a convenient form allows users to submit inquiries, questions, and comments regarding the payment method. Customer service times vary, but user can expect a response to the information submitted.

Users may also reach paysafecard customer support by phone. The website lists a convenient 800 number for voucher holders to call when in need of assistance quickly.
In the case of theft or fraud, voucher and account holders may instantly block use of the code. By clicking the 'block code now' button on the company's website, customers may immediately protect account balances.

Paysafe Card brings simple and safe financial transactions to the online market. For bettors, the ability to deposit funds at online casinos and sportsbooks without releasing private banking information is especially beneficial. Although paysafecard is working to overcome challenges facing all online payment providers, like phishing and fraud, the vouchers make online purchases and deposits easy for daily internet gamblers across the globe.

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