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Unlocking Reindrix: The Icy Mount in Palworld

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In Palworld, there are various cool mounts that players can unlock, and one of them is the icy Reindrix. This Pal has a frosty appearance and can be particularly challenging to find as it only wanders around two specific locations.

Unlocking Reindrix: The Icy Mount in Palworld

Finding Reindrix

If you're struggling in hot environments or need a Pal that is skilled in Lumbering and Cooling, Reindrix is the perfect companion for you. Here are the locations where you can find Reindrix:

  • Tower of the Free Pal Alliance: This small icy area in the middle region of the map is an ideal spot to search for Reindrix. It is easy to quickly check and has a couple of Fast Travel points nearby, increasing your chances of spawning next to one.

  • Icy Weasel Hill: Located slightly northwest of the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance area, this spot is another place where Reindrix can be found.

Reindrix's Skills

Reindrix possesses the following skills:

  • Element: Ice
  • Partner Skill: Cool Body (Can be ridden and keeps the rider cool in hot environments)
  • Work Suitability: Lumbering level two and Cooling level two
  • Potential Drops: Ice Organ, Reindrix Venison, Horn, and Leather
  • Hunger: 7/10
  • Bio: "Its transparent cerulean antlers glow with the cold of absolute zero. Any who touch them with their bare hands are instantly frozen over and smashed into pieces."

While Reindrix may not be the best Pal in its specialized fields, it is still a useful mount and has solid Work Suitabilities. It surpasses most average Pals you'll encounter.

Catching Reindrix

Catching Reindrix can be quite challenging, so it is recommended to use a decently advanced Pal Sphere such as a Hyper Sphere or a Giga Sphere to increase your chances of success. A Giga Sphere is sufficient, so it's advisable to save your better spheres for tougher Pals.

To catch Reindrix, it is best to lower its health using attacks and then capture it with a Giga Sphere. Using a regular Pal Sphere will result in poor chances, usually around two percent, even with low health. Therefore, it is recommended to weaken Reindrix until it is almost defeated and then quickly capture it with a Giga Sphere. Most Reindrix encountered are between level 20 and level 30, making them moderately tough but not overly difficult to catch.


While Reindrix may not be one of the best mounts in Palworld, it is still an important addition to your Paldeck. Focus on obtaining Pals like Fenglope and Pyrin for your ground mount, and Pals like Jetragon or Frostallion for your flying mount. Unlocking Reindrix is a crucial task to complete as it serves as a helpful Pal at your base.

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