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Progression and Challenges in the Galactic War: Join the Fight in Helldivers 2

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In Helldivers 2, the fate of the Super Earth lies in the hands of you and your fellow Helldivers. The Galactic War is a crucial battle that determines the future of the galaxy. Retiring is not an option, as it may put the rest of the galaxy in danger.

Progression and Challenges in the Galactic War: Join the Fight in Helldivers 2

Progression in the Galactic War

Since its release on Feb. 8, Helldivers 2 has seen progression in the Galactic War against the two factions. The Orion Sector, consisting of Heeth and Angel's Venture, has been liberated, leading to the opening of the Umlaut Sector. The liberation of planets unlocks new sectors, allowing for further progress in the war.

Sectors and Factions

As of Feb. 15, there are three opened sectors and four locked Terminid sectors. By liberating other Terminid controlled planets, access to the locked sectors will be gained. The Terminid controlled sectors include Umlaut, Mirin, Draco, L'estrade, and Sten, while the Automaton controlled sectors are Xzar and Severin.

Tracking Progress

In Helldivers 2, your service as a Helldiver is continuously recorded and outlined in the liberation percentage on every planet. The liberation percentage is affected by the successful completion of missions by you and other Helldivers. There are two progress bars to keep track of:

  1. Sector Control: This bar represents the accumulated liberation progress of every planet inside a specific sector controlled by either faction.
  2. Liberation Campaign: This bar represents the liberation progress of a specific planet inside a sector.

Galactic War Progress

The Galactic War percentage is the accumulated data of all players and takes into account the completion of primary and secondary objectives, clearing outposts, and mission failures. Each factor contributes to the increase or decrease of planet liberation. The progress starts at zero percent and fills up as missions are completed, eventually leading to the liberation of the planet.

New Areas and Challenges

Once a planet is liberated, a new one opens up, offering new areas to explore. These areas feature unique terrains and extreme weather conditions. Regardless of the chosen difficulty level, any completed missions contribute to the overall Galactic War progress.

Impact of Mission Performance

Leaving missions early or failing to complete objectives within the 40-minute timer will delay planet liberation. The progression status of the ongoing Galactic War is visible to all players.

Major Orders

To progress in the Galactic War, players must complete Major Orders. These orders focus on the Liberation Campaign, urging players to liberate planets and unlock new sectors. Each Major Order offers Requisitions (cash) and Warbond Medals as rewards. The first order focused on clearing the Orion Sector, while the newest order focuses on Defend Campaigns against the Automaton.

Constant Development

Helldivers 2 follows a live-service formula, where progress is directly influenced by other players. The game is in constant development, ensuring a unique and evolving experience. As long as Arrowhead continues game development, the Galactic War progress will continue to shape the fate of the Super Earth.

Join the Fight

If you want to claim victory for the Super Earth, it's time to take up arms and join the fight in Helldivers 2.

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