June 26, 2024

Olleh's Candid Take on LCS Format Change: Why Best-of-Threes Feel Just Right

Liam O'Sullivan
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Key Takeaways

  • Olleh, having returned from mandatory military service, shares his preference for the LCS's shift back to best-of-threes.
  • Immortals, labeled as “scrim gods,” hope the new format will translate their practice success to on-stage victories.
  • Language barriers and a lack of experience were pinpointed as past performance issues, which best-of-threes could alleviate.
  • The addition of coach Inero is cited as a major positive change, bringing in a clear direction and improved team communication.

League of Legends' competitive scene is no stranger to vibrant personalities, but Olleh's recent comments on the LCS format shift have sparked notable interest. The transition back to best-of-threes, a format that Olleh and many in the community have long advocated for, marks a significant turning point for teams like Immortals, who are eager to prove their mettle in a more forgiving and competitive setup.

Olleh's Candid Take on LCS Format Change: Why Best-of-Threes Feel Just Right

Olleh's comparison of best-of-ones to an unsatisfying bathroom visit might raise eyebrows, but it underscores the frustration many players feel about the format's inability to accurately reflect a team's skill level. With the return of best-of-threes, there's a renewed optimism that the true strength of teams will shine through, allowing for more strategic depth and comeback opportunities.

Immortals' status as "scrim gods" has been a double-edged sword, showcasing their potential in practice but failing to consistently translate that success onto the main stage. The introduction of best-of-threes is seen as an ideal opportunity for the team to demonstrate their capabilities over a series, rather than being judged on a single game's performance.

Language barriers and a lack of on-stage experience were cited by Olleh as significant hurdles the team faced. However, these challenges are also areas where best-of-threes can provide a crucial buffer, allowing the team to adapt and overcome mid-series, rather than being left to rue what might have been after a single loss.

The arrival of coach Inero has been a catalyst for change within the team, fostering better communication and a more unified approach to the game. Olleh's anecdotes about Inero's impact suggest a shift towards a more disciplined and cohesive unit, capable of challenging the top teams in North America.

Immortals' journey under the new format and leadership is one to watch, as they aim to shake off the "scrim god" moniker and establish themselves as legitimate contenders in the LCS. With a mix of seasoned talent like Olleh and strategic guidance from Inero, the team's aspirations for success under the best-of-threes system seem well within reach.

As the LCS continues to evolve, stories like Olleh's offer a glimpse into the competitive mindset and the ongoing quest for the perfect competitive format. Immortals' next match against NRG is not just another series; it's an opportunity to prove that their faith in the new system and their team's potential is well-placed.

The LCS's return to best-of-threes has reignited the competitive spirit of players and fans alike, and if Immortals' performance can match their ambition, they might just become the dark horse of the season. Only time will tell if the changes herald a new era for the team and the league as a whole, but one thing is certain: the excitement is back, and it's better than ever.

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