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Obtain the Decoy Totem Rune and Enhance Your Gameplay in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

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In the second phase of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Shaman players have the opportunity to obtain the Decoy Totem rune. This rune is highly recommended for Elemental and Enhancement Shamans as it allows them to summon a Decoy Totem. The totem lasts for 10 seconds and has five health, serving as a diversion for incoming melee or ranged attacks.

Obtain the Decoy Totem Rune and Enhance Your Gameplay in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Benefits of the Decoy Totem Rune

Aside from diverting damage, the Decoy Totem also grants the target immunity to movement impairing effects for 10 seconds. This makes it an essential component in certain Shaman builds in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

How to Obtain the Decoy Totem Rune

To obtain the Decoy Totem rune, players must venture to Thousand Needles. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Collect three Cloud Serpent Fangs and 10 Strong Harpy Feathers. These items can be obtained by defeating Serpents and Harpies in Thousand Needles, respectively.

  2. Purchase one Silken Thread from Leatherworking and Tailoring vendors in any city.

  3. Proceed to the Altar of the Wind Spirit, located at coordinates 39.4, 42.0. The altar is situated on top of one of the bluffs.

  4. Stand by the altar and use either the Cloud Serpent Fangs or the Strong Harpy Feathers. This will initiate the Offering to the Wind Spirit, which cannot be interrupted.

  5. After completing the offering, immediately jump off the cliff. This action signifies the completion of the offering and rewards the player with the Decoy Totem rune.

It's important to note that failing to jump off the cliff will result in the need to repeat the entire process.


Obtaining the Decoy Totem rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery may be challenging, but the benefits it provides to Elemental and Enhancement Shamans make it well worth the effort. Follow the steps outlined above to claim this powerful rune and enhance your gameplay.

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