July 21, 2022

Ninjas in Pyjamas Continue Dominance in eSport

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Ninjas in Pyjamas Losesto ZETA Division in VCT Masters

ZETA Division secured the final Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik playoff slot with a crucial two-to-one victory over Ninjas in Pyjamas. Both teams entered the elimination match with a one-one record in the group stage, winning against Fnatic and losing to DRX.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Continue Dominance in eSport

Thus, whichever team defeated the other would gain the final playoff spot and continue their run in Iceland. Punters had the opportunity to predict the winner on various esports betting sites. NiP took the series lead of thirteen to six on ZETA's map selection of Split as predicted by several esport betting tips websites. After a seven to five first-half, NiP finished strong with three straight rounds to take a one nil lead.

However, ZETA responded with a thirteen to ten win on NiP's map pick of Icebox. The win saw ZETA establish an eight to four lead over NiP after a hysterical first half. Yuuma Hisamoto, known as Dep, of ZETA, took over as Jett for his squad. He concluded with a 2.0 KD after 26 kills and 13 fatalities. Despite ZETA appearing to be losing on their map pick, they were able to reassemble on Icebox to tie the series at one-one.

The fracture was the series' last map. The series had only been played once before, by ZETA during their previous Fnatic matchup. Despite NiP reaching match point, ZETA reclaimed the map and forced overtime against NiP. Ninjas in Pyjamas struggled to maintain their momentum after taking an early lead. The matchup went into overtime, where ZETA won the map and the game with fourteen points to twelve.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Dominate Fnatic

In their first meeting in International Lan, Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated Fnatic two-nil. Since the inception of VCT, Fnatic has been one of the greatest teams in the Valorant esport betting scene. From the start of the year, Fnatic appears to have been dominating until the qualifiers. However, there has been a drop in their performance since they qualified which has seen the team’s popularity in online betting drop.

Ascent: First Map

This map was supposed to be Fnatic's choice, but it didn't appear. NiP arrived to play and dominate on LAN; the Brazilian momentum was simply unattainable. They seemed better prepared, more confident, and had the sharpest aim.

Split: Second Map

The second encounter started after some technical pauses and lengthy breaks. Following a dominant map on Fnatics' choice, this appeared to be a piece of cake for NIP. And indeed, that is how it felt. NIP won the first half eight to four while playing on the attacker side. The team then upset EU's top team, Fnatic, with shorties and bucky's by a score of thirteen to eight.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Sign Brollan

The top esports outfit announced the acquisition of Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Brollan, Ludvig Brolin from Fnatic. As NIP mentioned in the announcement blog post, the signing, brings the team's active membership to five.

NiP has become one of the title challengers and punters can expect them to be a strong team in online esports betting as well after this acquisition. Jonas Gundersen, NiP's CEO, noted that they had been looking at Brollan for years. They had reached a point where the question was not whether he would join, but when.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Releases Pajamas

NiP recently debuted its first nightwear collection. They do, however, come at a cost, and there are only a limited number of them. The pajamas are €99.99 ($110) and feature a silk-effect polyester two-piece suit in black. They also include a subtle neon stitching of NiP's emblem. Motto revamped the logo last year, with a heated print on the front-right side.

Unfortunately, it appears to be restricted to casual wear exclusively. There are currently no intentions for the team to wear them at future events. The move could be the biggest letdown of this latest goods campaign.

This new apparel is part of the new "Welcome to the Club" promotion from NiP. Buyers will also receive a digital version of the jammies as part of the marketing. However, how this is supplied is not entirely obvious.

About Ninjas in Pyjamas

Video games have become one of the most prevalent forms of betting globally. The advancement of technology and the internet has helped video gamers to stand out and compete worldwide. New games are continuously being developed while old ones are updated to fit the fans’ needs.

Top bookmakers are taking advantage of the rising market to offer users unique betting odds in esports tournaments. However, punters interested in Ninjas in Pyjamas prefer betting on CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege.

In 2000, Potti, Tommy Ingemarsson, and Tootzi, Christoffer Olsson, established Ninjas in Pyjamas, NiP as a LAN-based clan. NiP began to impact the Swedish Counter-Strike scene with the addition of new players. Consecutive victories in online and offline events and tournaments solidified their status as the best Swedish clan.

The early NiP clan went by various names while participating in several offline LANs. CPL Cologne was their first big LAN event was in December 2000. They finished a solid fourth despite the absence of several key players. This performance brought the need for player replacements. In the same month, several players left after winning the main Babbages CPL event in Dallas. There were also some new players joining the NiP team.

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