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How to Find the Brigantine Ship Blueprint in Skull and Bones

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Skull and Bones is a game filled with various locations to explore. If you're on the hunt for the Brigantine Ship Blueprint, it's important to know where to find the Ruined Lighthouse.

How to Find the Brigantine Ship Blueprint in Skull and Bones

Unlocking Ships

In Skull and Bones, not all ships are immediately available. Some ships, including the Brigantine, can only be unlocked by purchasing the required blueprint rewards.

Locating the Ruined Lighthouse

Clues within the game point you towards the Ruined Lighthouse as the location to obtain the Brigantine Ship Blueprint. However, no specific directions are given. Luckily, we're here to help you find it.

The Ruined Lighthouse

The Ruined Lighthouse is an outpost situated in the East Indies, between the Nilam Sea and Cendono Strait. It is directly south of Telok Penjarah, the main pirate hub in the region.

Proceed with Caution

It's important to note that the area surrounding the Ruined Lighthouse is filled with threats and high-level enemies. If you're in the early stages of the game, it's advisable to avoid this region. Ships in the area may become suspicious of you if you sail too close and may attack without warning.

Obtaining the Brigantine Ship Blueprint

At the Ruined Lighthouse, you will encounter a Corrupt DMC Officer. If you have reached the required level of the Cutthroat Infamy rank, you can purchase the Brigantine Ship Blueprint from this NPC. Additionally, the Corrupt DMC Officer also sells weapon blueprints for the Shalei I, Demi-canon IV, and The Termites I.

Limited Offerings

Apart from the Corrupt DMC Officer, the Ruined Lighthouse doesn't have much else to offer. However, it does serve as a fast travel point once you have docked there for the first time.


In summary, if you're searching for the Brigantine Ship Blueprint in Skull and Bones, head to the Ruined Lighthouse in the East Indies. Be cautious of the dangers in the area and make sure you have the required Cutthroat Infamy rank to purchase the blueprint from the Corrupt DMC Officer. Happy sailing!

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