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Discover the Dragon's Back Outpost in Skull and Bones

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If you've come across a treasure map that leads you to the Dragon's Back in Skull and Bones, you may be wondering where exactly this place is located. Fortunately, it's closer than you might think. Here's a guide on how to find the Dragon's Back in the game.

Discover the Dragon's Back Outpost in Skull and Bones


The Dragon's Back is an outpost situated on the northwest island in the Islands of the Moon region. To reach it from Saint-Anne, set sail in a northwest direction, passing through the big island until you reach the Angaya Coast. From there, continue heading northwest until you arrive at the Islands of the Moon.

Discovering the Outpost

Once you've reached the Islands of the Moon, you'll find the Dragon's Back on the east side of the largest island in the area. Look for an Undiscovered question mark at the location, as is the case with any Point of Interest (POI) in Skull and Bones. Sail close to the marker and disembark from your ship to enter the outpost.

Things of Interest

Apart from hunting down the treasure indicated on your map, there are several other activities you can engage in at the Dragon's Back outpost.

  • Ungwana Merchant: Near your ship, you'll find an Ungwana Merchant who sells food and blueprints for the Fire Long Gun I and Bombard Bomb Crate. Additionally, she offers the We Seek Warriors contract if you're interested in taking on quests.

  • Pirate Camp: If you head left from where you first set foot on the island, you'll come across a pirate camp. Here, a vendor sells various cosmetic items and supplies to restock your ship.

  • Pirate's Bonfire: On the other hand, if you go right and venture deeper into the island, you'll find a Pirate's Bonfire. Using this bonfire will grant you a stamina boost.

  • Fara Camp: Beyond the Pirate's Bonfire, there's a Fara camp. At the camp's leader, you can purchase Fara-themed Captain cosmetics and clothes, as well as additional supplies for your ship.

Remember to make the most of your visit to the Dragon's Back outpost by exploring all the available options and enjoying the unique experiences it has to offer!

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