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The Basics of Fortnite Betting

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In 2018, Fortnite exploded in popularity all around the world. This visually striking and vibrant multiplayer battle royale game soared above the competition and quickly won the hearts of hundreds of millions of players worldwide. The business is still being rocked by professional esports and betting on the game even though it has passed its peak.

The Basics of Fortnite Betting

It has been estimated that Epic Games made over $3 billion in revenue in 2018. Given those figures, it's hardly shocking that they're investing $100 million to make Fortnite a phenomenon in esports. With the advent of Fortnite as a popular esport, betting sites sprang up, with some going out of their way to accommodate punters who weren't familiar with the game.

What is Fortnite?

Like the Beatles and Beyonce, Fortnite has become an international obsession.  The game takes place on Earth, where nearly all of humanity has been wiped off by a bizarre weather phenomenon, and 100 players compete against each other (either individually or in teams) on a single map. The aim is to eliminate all other players from the game.

Sportsbooks for Fortnite are currently not as common as for major hitters like CS: GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends.  Many players are wary of jumping into a Battle Royale game because of the common perception that the playing field isn't level. The spawning and dropping of weapons, for instance, are highly random. As a result, certain players will have an inherent advantage over others if they land in a location rich with useful weapons and equipment.

One more thing is that, in a battle royale, even the best players can be sniped from across the battlefield with no chance of survival. This can render certain analyses of professional players useless, as even the best of them can be caught off guard by bad luck.

Fortnite Mechanics and Gameplay

Fortnite's mechanics are notably different from other Battle Royale games like PUBG.

  • One hundred people board a bus and head to an island —the game's "map."
  • The game's objective is to acquire supplies, guns, and ammunition by jumping out of the bus and landing in a chosen location.
  • Players compete against one another across a map to come out on top. Players have the option of going it alone or forming teams.
  • One of Fortnite's most distinctive features is the opportunity for players to build their unique constructs using in-game materials. The use of structures can be aggressive or defensive. A skilled builder may swing the balance of any fight.
  • You can pick up 25 shields from the tiny blue bottles strewn throughout the map and 50 from the larger ones.
  • The playable area is reduced intermittently (every few minutes) by an occurrence called Storm's Eye. This compels players to move and participate in the action rather than hiding constantly.
  • Ultimately, whoever is still standing is the victor.

Epic Games' weekly update schedule ensures that the Fortnite meta is always changing. Whenever a new weapon is added to the game, the optimal build and winning techniques shift to counter it. New content updates provide depth to the game's progress by giving players and fans access to different strategies for achieving victory.

Players may choose from a wide variety of game modes in Fortnite, including:

  • In the Solos mode, the user competes against up to 99 other individuals. The victor is the last one standing.
  • Two players can work together in a "duo" match. Fifty teams of two players each are possible in a duo game but not required. However, individuals within pairs also have the option of functioning alone.
  • In the Squads game type, players can form teams of up to four members. There can be no more than twenty-five groups of four people. As opposed to solos, if three of your teammates are knocked out, the fourth can still resurrect them.
  • With the Team Rumble mode, two teams of 20 players square off against one another. A team wins if they are the first to reach 125 kills in a match.

Fortnite Betting Types

An important step in understanding how to bet on Fortnite is to learn what bets are available. Fortnite's betting odds are comparable to the NFL and other sports. A rough breakdown of the odds for a Battle Royale event might look like this:


Using this bet, you may place a bet on who you believe will come out on top of the battle royale contest. This is a high-stakes gamble, since upsets are often in Battle Royale games, and individual talent often isn't enough to win in a group of 100. Even the most talented player may have the misfortune of being shot without even knowing who shot him. Listed below is an example of Fortnite moneyline odds.

All of the participants will have their own unique odds. Take a look at the example below:

  • Tfue +1350
  • Ninja +1600
  • MrSavage +1600
  • Dubs +1700
  • Mongraal +1800

Since Tfue's odds are the lowest, he is the clear favorite in this matchup. Everyone else below that is an underdog. The odds may shift as the competition draws nearer if bookies determine that another player is on a roll.

Due to the unique nature of duos as a betting option, the odds for such wagers will be lower than those for solos. You don't have to win bets against 99 other teams if your bet only plays against 49.

Even though Stompy's odds are +1600 when used solo, they improve to +800 when paired with Tschinken.

Futures/Outright Bet

This wager aims to determine who will emerge victorious from the competition as a whole. Outright wagers are just as high-risk as Moneyline wagers, if not more so. The top three finishers in the championship may also be gambled on.

Prop Bets

These wagers focus on predicting the outcomes of some smaller, non-game-winner occurrences that will take place throughout the match. Common prop wagers include who will get the first kill, the most kills, match duration, or who will finish in the Top 3. Betting on prop bets requires a solid Fortnite betting strategy.

The Major Fortnite Events To Bet On

There aren't as many opportunities to compete in Fortnite competitions as there formerly were. The first-ever Fortnite World Cup was held in 2019 and made headlines by offering a record $30 million prize money. There hasn't been a similar performance since, and supporters lose faith that it will return with each new year. That doesn't imply, though, that Epic Games doesn't support the growth of esports in other areas.

As of right now, the Fortnite Championship Series is the most significant esports league in the Fortnite universe. This is the biggest and most important competition in the world of competitive Fortnite gaming, showcasing the skills of thousands of players worldwide. An annual $1 million championship tournament is held in an open league, and anyone can try to qualify by competing in a series of events leading up to it.

However, you can place wagers on Fortnite in several other ways.

Tournament planners are improving at whipping up one-off competitions with big cash prizes and widespread exposure every year. Betting on esports is a natural part of this coverage. In the summer of 2022, for instance, Riyadh hosted the Gamers8 competition with a $2 million prize fund. This one-off tournament was the talk of the esports community, and it's just one example of the many impromptu Fortnite competitions that may occur.

It's a good idea to follow esports channels on social media or keep an eye on the official Fortnite website to see when the next big tournament is. Alternatively, you may visit often, where we offer comprehensive recommendations on the finest and biggest Fortnite competitions, explaining how to maximize your wagers.

Fortnite Betting Tips

If you want to wager on Fortnite and don't know how to get started, this section will be of assistance to you.

1. Have a Clue About Fortnite

Before placing any bets on Fortnite betting sites, you must familiarize yourself with the game. Even if you're skilled at the game itself, knowing the game's quirks will give you an edge in betting.

You need to be well-versed in the game's fundamentals, the present meta, the variety of playing styles, and the granular details of the game's quantitative, measurable elements. You'll have to rely on chance alone if you don't have this information. This is a massive no-no when participating in online esports betting.

2. Watch What The Pros Do

Once you have mastered the game's rules, you will need to spend endless hours observing how the pros perform. And we're not simply suggesting that you watch the occasional game. 

To win at Fortnite betting sites, you must keep up with the major teams. Study their most recent matches, their tournament prep, the various playstyles they've displayed, and everything else you can think of. If you can forecast how a certain player will enter a match, you can place a wager with a big payout at one of the best Fortnite real money betting sites.

3. Create a Fortnite Betting Strategy

Finally, you must settle on a sound strategy for your online wagers. Your accomplishments will be catapulted to new heights as a result of this. While the rewards might be great, developing a betting strategy from scratch is laborious and time-consuming. Fortunately, the fundamentals have been laid out for you in this expert guide, allowing you to develop your plan for achieving your goals.

Picking the Best Bookmaker

You may take this one for granted. The standards of their chosen bookmaker limit one's feats. If you're just getting started, look around a lot to discover a bookmaker who meets all your requirements. 

Once you've considered all your choices, pick the one that meets your needs — fantastic bonuses, helpful customer service, the option to utilize your favorite payment method, and, most importantly, a wide range of esports markets to wager on. Don't restrict your betting options to just Fortnite. You should also try out other games and betting options, because you never know what may become your new favorite.

Final Thoughts

Betting on Fortnite is unlikely to go away soon, as the game remains the most popular battle royale title despite strong competition from both AL and PUBG. It's actually for the best that this has happened. This emerging genre can benefit greatly from an injection of healthy competition. This includes both the professional scene and the betting industry.

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