Everything about betting on SK Gaming

SK Gaming is a renowned organization and one of the most well-known esport teams in professional video gaming worldwide. Schroet Kommando (SK), a thriving esports company with offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany, was founded in 1997 by dedicated friends. Over the last two-and-a-half decades, SK Gaming has had success in major tournament meets. They have also won millions of dollars in prize money in various sports. As an ambitious competitor and a business that thinks outside the box, SK has made some of the most famous people in esports history and led the way on several fronts.

SK Gaming has always emphasized the international atmosphere among its members, despite its triumphs on and off the field. Since the group was started, it has tried to build friendships between players and staff from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Everything about betting on SK Gaming
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Players of SK Gaming

Emil Moselund, alias Fruity, Thomas "Ekon" Chenel, and Kérian Candolfi, commonly known as Kérian, represent SK Gaming in the Rocket League competitions. The former is from Denmark, while the other two are Danish.

Four German players represent SK Gaming in Clash Royale competitions. These are Justus von Eitzen, alias Flobby, and Morten Mehmert, commonly known by his first name, Morten. The other two are Samuel "xopxsam" Klotz and Lucas Nageler, alias BigSpin.

SK Gaming also fields a team in Brawl Stars. It is among the most popular esports teams. These are Pedro Guijarro, Bekri "Symantec" Tahiri, and Guillem González, alias GuilleVGX. Ruben ‘Ikaoss’ Exposito and Sergio Iglesias alias Kiwii complete the five-man roster. Symantec is the only German on the top esports team; the rest are Spanish.

SK Gaming's FIFA roster is composed of only two German players. These are Niklas Noerenberg, alias NiklasNeo, and Tim "TimLatka" Schartmann.

League of Legends players

There are two teams in the League of Legends. These are the initial SSK Gaming team established in 2010 and SK Gaming Prime, founded in 2014. The Prime's roster participates mainly in local tournaments. The main group comprises seven players, including Erberk "Gilius" Demir and Janik Bartels, alias Jenax, both from Germany. Other players are Jean "Jezu" Massol (France), Erik Wessén alias Treatz (Sweden), and Thomas "Tom" Diakun from the UK. The other two are Daniyal Gamani, known as Sertuss, from Germany, and Simon' Swiffer' Papamarkos from Australia.

The Prime Team is also made up of seven players. Two are Dutch players; Alois Nelissen, commonly known as Alois, and Max' Raqo' Temminck. Georgia Paras alias TroubleInc (German), Edgaras' Eckas' Strazdauskas (Lithuania), and Sven Vidović alias Dehaste (Croatia) are also among the top esports team members. The other two are Ilya Makavchuk (Belarus) alias Gadjet and Patryk "Mystiq" Piórkowski from Poland.

SK Gaming’s strongest games

Brawl Stars

This is SK Gaming's most robust game. The Brawl Stars team was founded in 2022 and currently comprises 5-star players and is one famous esport team from SK Gaming. The Team has been victorious in several top Brawl Stars competitions. Despite various tournament wins, this Team is notable for its journey to the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020.

The completion was the final event of the year held by Supercell. The World Championship of the 2020 Competitive Season was also among the tournaments organized by Supercell. The qualified teams for the tournament are the best esports teams via a worldwide qualification campaign across the year. SK Gaming team finished third, earning a prize of $125,000.

Clash Royale

Four stars represent the Team in international competitions. SK Gaming established this Team in 2018 and has gone on to win over $190,000 in prize money. Their most recent success was in the Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals. The Team finished second in the competition, earning a $70,000 prize. The Team won the Clash Royale League 2019 West Fall Season.

League of Legends

The Team has the most extensive roster in SK Gaming. Spread across the main squad and SK Gaming Prime, this Team has had success in various competitions. Some of the success has been prizes won, while others have been in the position they finished in.

SK Gaming's awards and results

SK Gaming was a highly regarded squad in the 2000s, with a growing fan base in the 2010s. However, there are no longer globally dominant forces in the Team. Things have been going south with SK for a long time, but it appears that they've finally gotten a handle on things.

Even if their results aren't the best, SK Gaming Esports' presence is consistently recognized. Through the years, the squad has achieved remarkable results. They're unrivaled when it comes to lesser esports games like Brawl Stars or Clash Royale.

Brawl Stars

The Team has won six consecutive competitions in the last few years. They won the Brawl Stars Championship 2022: March EMEA finals held online in Europe. SK Gaming won the Gamestars League Season 2: International Finals, held online across Europe in 2021. The Team won four other events in the same year, including the ESL Mobile Challenge 2022 Fall: EU-MENA.

The online tournament involved Europe, the Middle East, and Africa teams. Brawl Stars Championship 2021: October EMEA Finals, Brawl Stars Championship 2021: September EMEA Finals, and ESL Mobile Challenger 2021 Spring: EU-MENA are among the other tournaments won. In 2020, the Team finished third in the Brawl Stars World finals. They won a notable prize of $125,000.

Clash Royale

Then the Team was runner-up on two occasions in 2020. SK Gaming lost the Clash Royal League 2020 Finals but received a prize of $70,000 for their second-place finish. Similarly, they received $54,000 for their runner-up position in the Clash Royale League 2020 West Fall Season.

In 2019, the Team was winners on two occasions; the Clash Royale League 2019 West Fall Season and the QLASH League 2. They won $60,000 in the former tournament. The SK Gaming team finished second in the Clash Royale League 2019 West Spring Season, where they earned $40,000. The Team made the same amount, $40,000, for a similar finish, 2nd, in the Clash Royale League 2018 Europe Fall Season.

Other results

SK Gaming won the FUT 19 Champions Cup January Finals. Their win in the FIFA tournament earned them $50,000. The tier 2 tournament involved the FIFA 19 game edition.

Recently, the Team has not had significant success in Rocket League. They finished third in RLSC Season X-Spring: EU Major, where they won $10,000.

The League of Legends team also has not had significant success recently. They finished sixth in the LEC Spring 2021 tournament.

Where and how to bet on SK Gaming

This is one of those odd esports teams that excel in little games but struggles in larger ones. This wasn't always the case; SK has put in some incredible performances in the past, even in games they no longer play. Lootbet, Pinnacle, bet365, Thunderpick, and Dafabet are some of the most popular SK Gaming esports betting sites.

Punters must, however, be willing to incur some risks if they plan on betting on SK. This is because the rosters of SK Gaming are prone to underperforming when they can't afford to. However, they can outperform even the most effective teams and deliver knockout punches. Finally, punters need to look into SK's historical results in all of their games.

What is the best strategy to bet on this team?

Bettors may place a wide range of bets on SK Gaming across all of the games it competes. Outright wins, though, are the safest SK Gaming bets in general. When it comes to putting them together intelligently, one can't go wrong with those. Wagering on SK Gaming at the best esports betting sites is risky, but it can pay off handsomely. Brawl Stars is the only game where most wagers will be winners. All other games will require meticulous planning and study for the bets to pay off.

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