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PixelBet is one of the bookies specializing in esports betting, and most of its attention is directed to the European market. PixelBet is a potential operator worth checking out if you are interested in trying out a specialized esports service in the future.

In our evaluations of PixelBet, we will cover the fundamental facts regarding the bookmaker. Everything you need to know, from the many methods you may get in touch with customer service to the numerous bonus offers now available, is included in this single article for your convenience. In addition to the recently launched casino service PixelBet offers, we will thoroughly examine the bookmaker's extensive esports markets.

Why Play At PixelBet?

Pixel.Bet casino, one of the more recent online eSportsbook operators, has had time to study the sports betting business and see an opportunity in the esports sector. This is why the bookie offers a casino and esports area to give you something else to try.

PixelBet's site offers a purple design and links to e-sports and casino platforms. The e-sports page has quick access to popular competitive video game categories, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Call of Duty, FIFA, and Dota 2.

Even though they've only been around for a short while, PixelBet offers competitive odds. Rarely do odds drop below 93%, yet that range is available. PixelBet's dedication to being a top-tier betting site is shown in the fact that its prices are typically lower than those of established bookmakers.


PixelBet is owned and run by Pixel Digital Ltd Malta and Pixel Gaming Group B.V., both of which may be found in Curacao. LeoVentures, which owns 51% of Pixel Holding Group Ltd shares, operates the Esports betting platform and is an early investor in the operator. There was a total investment of 1.5 million Euros.

PixelBet is an up-to-date e-sports betting site that also has a casino. The bookmaker has been around for a while (two years), and it operates with a license from the Mata Gaming Authority, so you know you're dealing with a legit business.

PixelBet is a global company with offices in Sweden, Malta, Luxembourg, Austria, and Germany, among others. Because it is focused on its customers, it offers a wide variety of esports and slot machines created by some of the most respected names in the gaming software business.

Full background and info about Pixel.bet


If you want to play video games and emerge as a champion, you have the opportunity. This is done through PixelBet's extensive esports department. When you sign up, you will be exposed to various e-sports. Player vs. player, real-time strategic e-sports, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online combat arenas are a few examples.

PixelBet is one of the few bookmakers who recognize the potential of e-sports in today's gaming environment. As a result, it exposes you to a wide range of e-sports.

Esports, like traditional sports, have many markets to choose from. Some are widespread, while others are exclusive to their respective games. Winner 2-way and winner 3-way markets are two examples of marketplaces prevalent throughout the board.

Other niche markets, on the other hand, are linked to certain games. Dota 2 is associated with markets such as Most Barracks-2-Way-Match, Most Barracks-2-Way-Game 1, and Most Barracks-2-Way-Game-2. Markets seen in RBL video games include RBL Maps Won-Match, CG Maps Won-Match, RBL to win a Map, Correct Score, and Maps Handicap.

PixelBet esports include a wide range of markets. If you've mastered the skill, all of them provide thrilling possibilities.


In this portion of the PixelBet review, you will discover a list of all the withdrawal options available. Withdrawal processing is conducted securely and promptly. Please note that there are no fees connected with withdrawals made using PixelBet; nevertheless, some non-EU transactions may incur fees from the processing banks.

Remember that most players' deposit and withdrawal possibilities at online eSports betting sites are controlled by their region. Thus, payment methods that are prevalent in one country may be uncommon or prohibited in another.

There is the chance of paying costs while exchanging foreign currency. In addition, the payment service provider must inform you of any applicable costs.


Simply put, bonuses are the enticing incentives bookies supply to new and existing clients. All customers can usually take advantage of some sort of promotion, whether it's a welcome bonus, a deposit match, or free bets on certain markets.

PixelBet, like many other bookmakers, provides a generous welcome bonus to attract new customers interested in wagering on their esports markets. The bookie's welcome bonus is a deposit match, doubling the initial deposit of new customers. That's not terrible for novice gamblers exploring the world of esports.

To find out whether anything piques your interest, we suggest perusing their site to learn about various incentives and perks.


Bettors who employ PixelBet's eSports betting service are required to open an account, similar to what is required by other best eSports betting services. It should be no surprise that problems with creating and accessing existing accounts are two of the most common concerns voiced by bettors on any eSports betting site.

Let's look at some factors bettors might consider while considering whether to sign up for an account with PixelBet.


One of the most crucial features of an eSports betting site, but also one of the most ignored, is the availability of support for the user's native language. Since it would be extremely unfair to force gamblers to use a website they don't understand, any reputable eSports betting site will include translation services for its users.

Bettors may lose money if they violate the Terms and Conditions because they did not grasp the wagering rules or customer assistance alternatives.

That's why choosing an eSports betting platform that supports your preferred language is important.


PixelBet's youthful atmosphere and extensive betting markets on the world's biggest eSports games attract people from around the world to the platform.

The eSports betting website is not available in every nation, even though PixelBet has a large user base around the globe. To safeguard both the company and its users, PixelBet enforces its policies in a manner that can be rather stringent.


Pixelbet has designed its esports betting website with this mobile demand in mind. The majority of esports betting lovers, just like the majority of internet users throughout the world, choose to access the online world via mobile devices.

The fact that there are no Pixelbet apps available for download may be disappointing to some fans of esports betting; nevertheless, we believe that the Pixelbet website's compatibility with mobile devices more than makes up for this shortcoming. 

We successfully accessed the Pixelbet features and markets, including the live betting portion, using any of the mobile browsers we tested the site with. This streamlined and reliable mobile betting platform makes it simple to place bets on esports while you're on the go.

Tips & Tricks

eSports betting is a simple process. Truth be told, it's not that complicated. Beginning with the fundamentals is the best strategy.

If you're interested in figuring out how to make smart bets on esports on your own, the advice in this article will get you off to a great start. We've made things as straightforward as possible so you won't get lost in the shuffle. While following our recommendations probably won't lead to overnight success, it will set you up for future achievements and success.

Responsible Gaming

Gambling has become a problem when it's hard for you to stop. When you spend more money than you have and it begins to adversely affect your physical or mental wellness, academic or job performance, financial stability, and relationships with other people.

Gambling addicts may run up huge credit card bills, borrow a lot of money, and completely ignore their home, work, or school obligations. They might refuse to admit they have a massive issue, keep chasing their losses, and put gambling ahead of every other aspect of their lives, even themselves.


The customer service departments of esports betting companies are as important as those at any other type of betting site. Having an ally on your side may be a game-changer. There's no reason for the gambling sector to be any different.

The people that work in customer service at Tonybet are wonderful. They are kind and thoughtful in their responses to your inquiries.

No matter what day of the week, including Sundays and holidays, you may always get help for a minor issue. Further, you may reach them through email, but expect to wait around 24 hours for a response to any questions you may have.


You will find a list of all the deposit methods accessible to you below here at PixelBet. The processing of deposits is done in a safe and timely manner. Please be aware that no costs are associated with deposits to PixelBet; nevertheless, some non-EU transactions may be subject to fees levied by the processing banks. 

Remember that the bulk of players' options for depositing and withdrawing funds from online eSports betting sites are determined by their location. Thus, popular payment procedures in one nation may be uncommon or restricted in another.

When changing currencies, there is also the possibility of incurring fees. In addition, the payment service provider is obligated to tell you whether fees are applicable.


More than ever, threats to player safety from cybercrime and phishing must be taken seriously. Many online bookmakers are now concerned because of this. Bookmakers have had to take an outstanding stance on consumer data protection to survive.

  • What matters most are stats that have to do with you, the better. After undergoing extensive account verification to establish you are the rightful owner of your account, you will entrust the bookmaker with your sensitive information. The bookmaker, on its part, employs stringent security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

  • PixelBet's adherence to the EU data regulation standards strengthens encryption technology. This bookmaker is legitimate, trustworthy, and safe because it holds a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. As a result of taking these precautions, PixelBet is now ranked higher.

  • The licensee is responsible for keeping customer information secure and may not share it with third parties. In addition, it is necessary to prevent hackers from gaining access to private data. The bookmaker must equip the site with SSL encryption and a robust firewall to accomplish this.

  • PixelBet's partnership with organizations like GambleAware demonstrates the bookmaker's dedication to ensuring the welfare of its customers.


Clients often ask PixelBet these questions before, during, and after they bet on eSports.

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When you're connected, you may earn money by promoting the product's app, desktop, and mobile versions.

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Pixel.bet Journey to eSports Prominence

Pixel.bet Journey to eSports Prominence

Sometime in early January of 2018, Pixel.bet made its claim known in the eSports betting scene after launching a dedicated eSports betting site. Pixel.bet only targeted the European market during its early years, operating under a Curacao gaming license. This meant that the betting provider was not available in the UK because it did not have a license from the UK Gambling Commission at the time.

Pixel.bet Journey to eSports Prominence

Pixel.bet Journey to eSports Prominence

Sometime in early January of 2018, Pixel.bet made its claim known in the eSports betting scene after launching a dedicated eSports betting site. Pixel.bet only targeted the European market during its early years, operating under a Curacao gaming license. This meant that the betting provider was not available in the UK because it did not have a license from the UK Gambling Commission at the time.