February 16, 2024

Wingman's Digital Threat Sight Removed and Ammo Pool Nerfed: Apex Legends Season 20 Changes

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Apex Legends players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Wingman's Digital Threat sight and its ammo pool in season 20. However, their complaints have been swiftly addressed by the developers.

Wingman's Digital Threat Sight Removed and Ammo Pool Nerfed: Apex Legends Season 20 Changes

Wingman's Digital Threat Sight Removed

During a North American ALGS scrims session, fans noticed that the Wingman's Digital Threat sight, which allows users to see enemies through smoke screens, was replaced with a 1x HCOG sight. This change was met with approval from professional players and other fans. The removal of the Digital Threat sight was intentional, as confirmed by Apex weapons designer Eric Canavese on Twitter/X.

Ammo Pool Nerfed

In addition to removing the Digital Threat sight, the developers also reduced the Wingman's ammo reserve from 110 bullets to 90. This adjustment aims to balance the weapon and prevent it from being overpowered.

The Impact of the Changes

The rapid implementation of these changes in season 20 surprised many players, who were unsure if it was a deliberate nerf or an unintended bug. Historically, the Apex developers have been more passive in making adjustments, usually saving them for seasonal updates or mid-season events. However, the Wingman presented several issues in season 20, as it was already a powerful weapon with high damage potential and the ability to down multiple enemies quickly. The removal of Digital Threat sights from SMGs indirectly buffed the Wingman, making it the only weapon capable of seeing through smokes with good range and high damage.

The Wingman's Popularity

The Wingman's popularity in season 20 was further increased by the introduction of the legend upgrade system. This system included a level three upgrade for Lifeline, which turned her ultimate into a care package containing a Red, Mythic-tier weapon. As a result, teams with Lifeline had a higher chance of obtaining a Wingman through her ultimate ability.

Positive Reception

The changes to the Wingman have been well-received by professional players and the community. The weapon's dominance in ranked and pro play was seen as oppressive, and the nerfs have brought relief to many players.


The Wingman's Digital Threat sight has been permanently removed, and its ammo pool has been reduced in season 20 of Apex Legends. These changes aim to balance the weapon and address the concerns of players. The response from professional players and the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Players are encouraged to adapt to these changes and continue enjoying the game with confidence.

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