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The launch for Rainbos Six Siege was not that great, to say the least. However, the game has changed a lot since its launch. It has managed to gain tons of traction. It has now come to the point that there is a massive esports scene dedicated to R6.

With the growing popularity of R6 esports, many people have started to get into R6 betting. If you are interested in getting into R6 betting, you should learn a few betting terms first. The most essential of these terms is R6 betting odds, which we will explore here in detail.

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Everything You Need to Know About R6 Betting Odds

A ton of people get into R6 betting, or esports betting in general, without having some knowledge about betting odds. If you do that, you won't be successful most of the time. Even if you win a bet, you won't be satisfied with the winnings.

Betting is a fairly simple process. Let's say that the finals for the ESL Pro League have just started between DarkZero Esports and FaZe Clan. You have been following the tournament league for several years now, and you have also been following both these teams. With the help of all your knowledge, you can predict that FaZe Clan will win the match, so you place a bet of $100 on it.

You win the bet. However, all you get in return is $20. Why did that happen? The thing is, this was just a basic explanation about what betting is. You won't know crucial information about the bet you are about to make unless you know how to read the odds.

It is the R6 odds that will explain why you got only $20 despite wagering $100. Odds will also help you decide which bet is riskier. Both of these are the primary reasons why you should learn about R6 odds.

Rainbow Six Siege Betting Odds Explained

With the help of R6 betting odds, you get to know two crucial pieces of information about the bet you are about to make.

Firstly, it tells you the precise return you will get by betting a certain amount. So if you are thinking about betting $100 on one outcome, the R6 odds will tell you the exact amount you will get in return for betting on a particular outcome.

The second thing that odds tell you is the probability of you actually winning the bet. You can check out the likelihood of you winning the bet by taking a look at the returns.

If you are getting a high return well over two times your betting amount, then it is likely that the outcome you placed a bet on will not occur. If you are getting a low return under two times, there are high chances of it occurring.

The information you get with R6 betting odds will help you a ton in deciding whether or not the risk of betting on a particular outcome is worth it for you. However, you will have to learn how to read different odd formats, which is explained in the next section.

Types of Rainbow Six Siege Betting Odds

There are different ways that you can read R6 odds, which depends on the type of format used to represent them. There are three main types of odd formats for R6 betting. These formats are explained in detail below.

Decimal Odds

First up, we have decimal odds. It is the most common type of odd format. You will see this type of format at most online bookmakers.

The decimal odd format represents R6 betting odds with a number and a decimal like 1.6 or 2.5. This number represents the exact multiple of the betting amount you will get in return for winning the bet.

If you bet $200 and win with odds of 1.6, you will get $320 (200 x 1.6) in return. You can also tell that 1.6 represents a higher probability of the event actually taking place because the return is lower than double the betting amount.

Fractional Odds

Another popular odd format for R6 betting is the fractional format. It uses a fraction like 5/2 or 3/2. 5/2 is pronounced five to two, and 3/2 is pronounced three to two. In this format, the second number represents your betting amount, and the first number represents the return you will get on that betting amount.

Winning a bet with odds of 5/2 will get you $5 for betting $2 and $100 for betting $40. In this case, you are getting more than two times the return. In this way, odds of 5/2 suggest that the likelihood of you winning the bet is very low.

American Odds

American odds are the least popular for R6 betting. These odds use a number with a positive or a negative sign like -150 or +150. Odds of -150 tell you that you need to wager $150 to win $100. On the other hand, +150 odds tell you that you will get $150 for betting $100.

Where to Find The Best Rainbow Six Esports Odds

Now you know that R6 betting odds help you determine the exact amount you will get in return for wagering a certain amount on an outcome. However, you might not know that each betting site actually has different betting odds for the same outcome.

For example, at one site, you might get a return of $50 for betting $100. At another site, you might get a return of $60 for betting the same amount.

You might be wondering why is that important. Well, since there is a way you can get better returns at certain platforms, you should always be on the lookout for sites with the best R6 betting odds. It's only fair that you get to choose the most returns.

If you don't know about the sites for the best R6 odds, check out, where you can find some of the top betting sites out there.

The Best Live R6 Betting Odds

One of the best things about R6 betting is that you can place bets on the outcomes of R6 esports events as they take place in real time. In other words, you can place bets on outcomes of an R6 event while watching it live. This is called live R6 betting.

With live R6 betting, the situations of the match keep on changing. For the first hour, Team A might be winning, but for the next hour, Team B might get the lead. For this reason, the odds also keep on updating, which are called live R6 betting odds.

The great thing about live R6 betting odds is that you can sometimes find insane opportunities. You can find odds that yield insane returns like 4x or even 5x your wager. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for live R6 betting odds as they keep changing.

Bet on R6 With Real Money

Betting is really fun. However, being able to bet using real money is even more exciting. If you are a fan of R6 esports and like to bet with real money, then you are in luck because you can actually bet with real money on R6 esports events.

As the popularity of R6 esports started to grow, more and more online bookmakers started to offer betting markets for R6 esports events. Now, you can find tons of online platforms where you can place bets on R6 with real money.

The process of betting on R6 with real money is very straightforward. You simply have to make deposits using payment methods like Visa or MasterCard at online bookmakers that offer betting markets for R6 and then use those deposits to place a bet on an outcome for an R6 esports event. Just make sure that you carefully look at R6 betting odds.

If you don't know whether or not betting with real money is a good idea for you, just ask yourself, are you good at predicting outcomes for R6 esports events, are you experienced in the game, and play at a higher level yourself. If the answer is yes, then betting on R6 with real money could benefit you a lot.


What are R6 betting odds?

R6 betting odds determine the precise amount of return that bettors can expect for betting a certain amount and winning. R6 betting odds also help determine the possibility of the bettor winning the bet.

What are the best R6 betting odds?

The best R6 betting odds are the ones that yield you the most amount of return. To find the best R6 betting odds, you will have to check out several betting sites and see which ones offer the most returns.

Are live R6 betting odds better?

It depends on how experienced you are. With live R6 betting odds, you can find odds that can get you massive returns, but you need to be an experienced bettor to find those opportunities.

Can you bet on R6 with real money?

Yes, you can bet on R6 with real money. You will need to find online bookmakers that offer R6 betting markets, which there are tons of on the internet.

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